The Phoenix Partners, the IoD and IoD Members

Via the IoD we have worked with some fantastic businesses and organisations:

Sherwood Truck and Van: Brand Recognition and Engagement via incentivise-me

Sherwood Truck and Van had previously rewarded their customers with twice yearly hampers but had decided to look at a different offer; something more unified and sophisticated that would really help engage their customers with their brand and increase brand recognition.

We suggested Incentivise-me ( – our online incentive and motivation platform which enables customers to earn points and redeem them against a wide range of gifts and experiences.  For Sherwood Truck and Van we ensured the gift list was tailored to their customers and provided a two tier scheme:

  • Level 1 – customers earn points and redeem them against a bespoke gift and experience list
  • Level 2 – customers receive discounts on Sherwood Truck and Van parts

We also designed an advertising poster for Sherwood Truck and Van which ensured their customers knew about the new scheme and could apply to take part.

Institute of Directors: Brand, Design and Original Photography

The IoD brand is very well known and fiercely guarded by the brand champions at HQ.  Regionally, the IoD decided to renew the banners they use at events which help promote the IoD and raise brand awareness.  They asked us to design and print:

  • 2 x banners for Leicestershire branch
  • 2 x banners for Northamptonshire branch
  • 2 x banners for Lincolnshire branch
  • 2 x banners for Nottinghamshire / Derbyshire branch
  • 2 x banners that represented the whole of the East Midlands

Roger headed up the project and not only designed the banners but photographed renowned landmarks in most of the counties, complementing these with some bought in imagery that fitted our budget, together with some existing imagery already in our archives.

East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association: Brand, Stationery and Web Design

Brand development and extension

We met East Midlands RFCA at an IoD Regional Networking Lunch.  Subsequent to that meeting, we met to discuss creating a new website for the organisation.  The website is the main drive for recruitment as well as for providing information to the general public and (via a private log in area) committee members.  As such, our client’s main aim was to increase traffic to the website and promote (via SEO) the interactive elements of the site.

Although a brand identity already existed, East Midlands RFCA allowed us to adapt it thereby ensuring a contemporary, inviting and engaging design for the new website.  We did, of course, remain respectful of the existing brand identity.  This was very much a subtle brand development to suit the new website rather than a whole new brand, look and feel.

The website was designed, developed and delivered to our client on time and to budget.  Subsequent to that, we have also worked with East Midlands RFCA developing and printing their stationery so that it sits comfortably with the brand development work we did for the website.

Willow Financial Management: Getting the Message Across and Differentiating the Brand

Willow Financial Management needed a new brochure that succinctly described their service offer whilst clearly differentiating them from their competition.  With exceptionally high standards, the end product had to be absolutely millimetre perfect, meaning that we had to take into account any possible variations in the print run… and mitigate them.

We worked with Willow collaboratively to write new copy and design their brochure using their existing brand (which has now changed) – keeping away from standard financial imagery.  The completed brochure expressed through both words and pictures Willow’s key messages regarding their unique approach to working with clients and how they ensure their clients’ financial prosperity.